Professional instructor of RecMin mining software

As a professional in the mining sector, I believe that today it is essential to handle software tools, especially for tasks such as modeling, design and topography.

But like many other professionals, when I graduated from university (National University of Piura - Peru), I found myself limited in accessing these tools, mainly due to the economic aspect:

 Yhonny Ruiz
  Mine engineer (Perú)


The high price of the software (only the most powerful mining companies can afford the original licenses).

The high cost of training.

Having never considered pirated software as an alternative, when I was just a young graduate I decided that I was not going to sit idly by at this dead end…

I was actively looking for a free and legal software alternative. And that's how I met RecMin. A program created by Dr. César Castañón Fernández: full professor at the University of Oviedo (Spain), with an extraordinary career and prestige.

Although the program is intuitive and since I am a good self-taught person, I had to spend a lot of time and effort to get the most out of it. And that I could count on the support and mentoring of the creator of the software.

Now I am the one who has been teaching the program for years as a face-to-face and virtual instructor in companies, consultants and universities in different countries in Latin America. The experience acquired with active professionals has made me know first-hand their needs and concerns.

I have poured all this knowledge into training that I now offer in Spanish, and currently translated virtually into English, Portuguese and French.